Here are some other fantastic resources on the web for tuba players:
​Stay tuned for updates!  As I find things, I'll add them here.  If you have suggestions, please use the "contact" tab and let me know.

 Playing Examples

Chris Olka, principal tuba of the Seattle Symphony, puts up "Drills of the Week" on his YouTube channel.  Do them.

Alex Lapins' YouTube Channel.  Great examples of the entire Snedecor Low Etudes Book among other things.

Other Stuff

Ian Church gives a blow-by-blow (see what I did there?) commentary on the sousaphone.

A great site to share information, ask questions, sell gear and more.  Created and maintained by my KU classmate, Sean Chisham.

The International Tuba and Euphonium official website.  Join today!

Owned and operated by a fellow Jayhawk, Pat Stuckemeyer, this is a great place to get what you need.  All my tuba quartet arrangements will be published here.

Musicology that isn't boring.

Keep your head screwed on straight and your chops functional.

Love me some alma mater.  Especially during basketball season.

Tuba Players

Formerly of the Boston Brass, Andrew Hitz has quick posts that get you focused and thinking about music.

Tom Holtz is probably one of the best all-around tuba players on the planet.  He's certainly the funniest.

​Oystein Baadsvik is a Beast.  Constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the instrument.

Roger Bobo is a Legend.

Alan Baer is a great player and repairman.  I use his alignment kit on my Nirschel and I love it.  Super consistent.

Lauren Curren plays just up the street in The United States Army Field Band.  I enjoy reading her blog to see how life works on the road.

Probably the most heard tuba player to the general public, Jim Self can do it all.

John Manning's (Atlantic Brass Quintet/University of Iowa) blog.